Wednesday, 7 November 2012



Dear future husband.. JYou don’t have to drive any BMW or Mercedez or Skyline to be gorgeous. Be an Imam in prayers.That’s how I define gorgeous.You don’t have to have nice voice and hush me with lovely songs to woo me. Recite the Kalamulluah ,Al-Quranulkareem.That’s how I would melt. You don’t have to be rich for me to love you…I don’t wanna be your girlfriend, I just wanna be the one you call as WIFE…

Your presence bring me HAPPINESS. You are my Halal Prince charming…Riding your horse of Taqwa ..Holding the Quran on the Right.. And Sunnah on the Left.. Giving glad tidings to the stranger…I will be a good wife ever after nikah as long as you promise one thing. Help me and accompany me in getting to JANNAH. So, from now on, I’ll be more determined to be a better MUSLIMAH for it’ll be easier for you to guide me with my family to Jannah

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