Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Assalamualaikum and hye!hye to all peeps ♥ it's been a long time that I don't post anything on my blog, miss to share story with all of u guys..haha, I don't hv any interesting story actually to write about but heyyy I'm already a big girl now, and my writing is still like a kid..yeahh I know tht,but who cares..guess what, I'm turning 21 this year!emmmm,but still single and available, haha. But, I hv a crush in my mind, ♥ yeahhh, normal, like u guys also,right,kahkah..i knew tht u also hv a crush like lee min ho and other kdrama actors..blabla,what I'm mumbling about. It's 2017 this year. and I've already continue my degree in UPM..what a hectic life life student I have, pretty much!haha..I've already finished my 3rd sem and just in a few days ahead I will get in as a 4th year stdudent here..and I baru je check result pg td,ahah!just wanna share alhamdulillah, biasalah, result student ni mcm air pasang surut, kejap ok,kejap x ok,hahaha,but I really grateful about my results this sem,pray for me,guys that I'll maintains and perform better for the end of every semester ahead. I don't wanna pay ptptn so I wanna struggle to get DEKAN!lelewss,,,insyaAllah,pray for me,kayyy :) I pon hope u guys will get success also ♥