Tuesday, 15 July 2014

   Assalamualaikum!hai,bertemu sye kmbali Alia! :)
hmmmmm...tak tau nk post pasal ape..k,yeah,sprti yg korang tau..sy dh smbung blaja d....rahsia.ngeee.pd yg mengenali sy shj yg tau.maaf ye.mcm busy je duk sini kan,yup!mmg busy as a mahasiswi...but,hei!I'm proud to be an ASPER.Msti rmy tak tau kn..hmm,,biarlah yg tau je tau..sorry again...ngeee.Banyak cbrn duk kt sini.Mcm2 periksa kne hadapi.Tapi,jgn mengeluh,sbb itu mg tanggungjwb kite as a student.Mak ayah tercinta hntar kite kt sini pon untuk kite blaja kn...so,don't let them down ok! :)
   Last night,I went to sleep late at midnight just to settle my myline.Do you want to look for my post on myline?keyh,I'll post one for u,guys.Mesti rmy kate,poyolah alia ni nk berspeaking bagai..Hei,don't make any assumptions before u ask,keyh.Sye sengaja test2 speaking bcoz I'll be takng MUET soon.So,practise make perfect right???:)
    k,this is my pst on myline about hostel life!enjoy n sorry for my broken english.
    The most memorable things happen to me is when I got into a hostel life in UPM. Yeah..it's sound like first time to me to went into that,right.It's right.Actually,I've never been went to a hostel life before.Before this,I just went to a regular daily school.So,at first I felt so many mixed feelings about that.Sometimes,I'm felt happy because I've got so many friends here.But,somehow,I felt sad because as a residential students,hostel was definitely a home away from home.It's so bad because I was homesick till now.Guess what,I always gave a lot of text to my mom.I also made so many call to my parents just because I miss them a lot.But then,I've learned how to be more independent.I admitted that the hostel life will make me to become a wise administrators myself.This is because,I've got to manage my own money by myself.Therefore,my late studies adjustment gave me a wore out.Thus hostel life brings me how to be more comply with regulation.Then,I also learned how to bear up with my friend's attitude.Each friends got many kind of different attitude,right?So,it's up to you how you treat them.Sometimes,it's so exciting when you will studying in a group with hot cups of coffee.I appreciated when my fiends will gave me a moral support when to face the test in here.Sometimes,they will gave me a hand to wind up my assignment.It was a definitely a good cooperation to me.Anyway,I thought hostel life was treasure trove of memories and I love it.

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